Getting Divorced With Kids? Prepare for Classes

Florida residents who are divorcing may be required to take a divorce class before a judge will hear their case. This state rule applies to couples with children who are now divorcing. Your divorce lawyer Hernando County FL will help you learn more about the class, the requirements, its benefits, and other important information before participating.

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Online Classes are Optional

Some couples choose to take the classes online, as doing so is easier and saves time and money. This is a possibility for anyone who must take these classes in order to get a divorce, though not limited only to such individuals. Anyone who wishes to learn more about divorce and its effects can participate in the classes.

Where to Take Classes

Approved providers are available to offer the classes to divorcing couples. Although there’s others out there, only those state-approved are considered for completion of the parenting or divorce class. The list of accepted providers is available on the Florida Department of Children and Families website and at their local offices.

Minimum Class Instruction Time

Those required to take the courses must adhere to only four hours of instruction to be granted their divorce proceedings. However, the classes offer valuable information and guidance and students may stay beyond this required number of classes if they wish to further educate themselves concerning issues surrounding divorce.

Divorce Classes are not optional in the state of Florida if you are planning to take this big leap to get out of our marriage. If you’re planning for a divorce in the near future, be sure that you are also preparing to take these classes if there are children involved in the relationship. You’ll find these classes to be of tremendous benefit today, tomorrow, and well into the future.